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It’s Story Time!

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Click the… to View Our Collection of Continuing Stories of Disobedience and the Inevitable Results :D
:happybounce: We Feature: :happybounce:
The Butler Guardian… A Kuroshitsuji Fan Comic
English Education… A Hetalia Fanfic
Magical Mischief… A Hetalia Fanfic
Shenanigans of Sealand… A Hetalia Fanfic
Supernatural… A Supernatural Fanfic
Gilbert Day Comic… A Hetalia Fan Comic
Saint Slayer of the Passover… An Original Story
A Life's Worth in Lessons… A Loveless Fanfic
Ferocious Felines… An Original Story
Comic… A Pocahontas Fan Comic
Office… A Hetalia Comic
Prohibited Hour… A Death Note Comic
Transcendence… A Hetalia Fanfic
Culling the Beast… A Once Upon a Time Fanfic
:star: If you have a story you would like us to feature, just submit it straight into the 'Tales of Reproof' folder. We will set it up it it's own section and feature it under your name alongside a link right here in this widget. Only stories or comics that span OVER one deviation please. :star:


If you would like to add your request to this list or *please, please, please* decide to draw one of the pics, just leave a comment in the 'Request Blog'. :woohoo: :heart:

:iconspankingfemfatale: would like to a see a Once Upon a Time pic with Rumpelstiltskin, as Mr. Gold, being spanked by either Emma Swan or Belle.
:icongimpedforlife: would like a picture with Sweden, from Hetalia, spanking Finland or the other way around.
:iconlooneytunerian: has a list of ideas for various spanking pics. Please check it out here:












Group Info

House Rules

This group is dedicated entirely to the wonderful art of DISCIPLINE and PUNISHMENT, be it in pictures or literature. It’s the one place naughty boys and girls will always be welcome.

:bulletorange: All pairings are allowed, be they young or old, male or female, original or fan-based. My only stipulation is that the art is finished and goes beyond stick figures.

:bulletorange: All submissions MUST retain clear ties to the theme of discipline or you will be punished. :mwahaha:

:bulletorange: Feel free to submit, as many works you like. We enjoy good company. ;)

:bulletorange: I hope you’ll all chip in and help make this an amazing group!

:bulletorange: Any suggestions on how to improve NaughtyBeware are always appreciated. So let me know what’s on your mind.

Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2012, 4:20 PM
Searching for the perfect artist to commission that special picture from?  Check out our resident talent!
We feature:
Pricelist:     :thumb274663570:
Samples:     :thumb274660864:     :thumb275282713:
Pricelist:     Inside the deviantID     spankingfemfatale.deviantart.c…
Samples:     Madam Masque spanks The Hood by spankingfemfatale     Balder about to switch Loki for xmas meme by spankingfemfatale
Pricelist:      yaaayTaking commissions~!
I charge $15 for up to 2 characters, simple background, and full colour. Additional characters or specifications cost a little extra ($5 per extra character, etcetc)
For simple B&W it is $10
I also make comics, but the pricing depends on complexity/length/layout, etc, and can be discussed beforehand. ;]
Also, I do not take point commissions.
Only watch the account if you're a spanko, please! ;]

Samples:     Commission: No One Can Hear You Shriek by ColaKun     Commission: My Name is Noir by ColaKun     Demon Curfew 2 by ColaKun
Pricelist:      NEED COMISHES *holds a -will draw for money- sign* I have finally time again!
I finished almost all of my comishes and I am free to being ordered new ones. So guys, who comish me sometimes, you may attack me with desires.
I also decided to give people ideas what to suggest, cause I feel like I am getting the same people and I can do more, I am pretty confident I would be able to do much more (if I am not lazy, like in USA I was >////> bad Petia...)
So, what I am willing to do:
one word: ANYTHING
more words:
FAN ART (do you wish for any cannon or non cannon couples, situations, actions, possitions? Describe, I draw)
YAOI (in any situation, any character, if described enough, with enough references, especialy if I don't know the chars)
YURI (in any situation, any character, if described enough, with enough references, especialy if I don't know the chars)
OCs (do you write stories or do you RP with original characters and do you

Samples:     Commission: Asking a princess by Petia-DiS     Commission: Robin and Poison Ivy by Petia-DiS
Pricelist:     :thumb252192010:

Mature Content

Link vs Dark Link by Feyd-Rautha3

Mature Content

-late- Present for I-Am-Zandra by Feyd-Rautha3

Mature Content

Pricelist:      Commissions
All tiers open now!
If you would like random snippets of my weirdness, as well as drabble fanfics that I likely won't post here, please go to my tumblr:
One shot fanfics (commissions) take me anywhere from a few days to a week if I get stumped, but I've never taken more than two weeks to finish one!
Tier 1 $5 500--700 words
Tier 2 $9 800--1200
Tier 3 $15 1500--2000.
Words may run over limits... I tend to get carried away. Specially tier three. xD Right now I am opening five slots. Usually it takes me a matter of days to get them written but sometimes it can be about a week. It depends on how comfortable with the characters or couple that I am and of course how busy I am.
Right now I am comfortable with a lot of series'. If you're not sure if I'm into it feel free to ask. Check out my for a list of series' I have written for: (APH, Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, KKM, and many many more) I

Samples:      Transcendence Prolog 1AU!Hetalia: Medieval and magical. This is a little AU drabble was started for Arkham as promised, and became something much more. I… got carried away, as I often do.
Warning: Contains parental/teacher-apprentice discipline.
Eleven year old Alfred was an inquisitive one. His parents had always known that about him, and when his innate skills had come to light they had been terrified. When he was seven he had conjured a little flame, which had in turn set fire to the house. No real damage had been done, but it had been enough. They dropped him off in front of a grand house, a letter clutched tightly in his hand, his clothing as filthy as the boy that wore them.
The man who owned the house was a peculiar one with a reputation for his own skill. Alfred knew nothing of it. But the man had taken him inside, read his letter and given such a look of sadness that Alfred had hugged the man's legs tightly and told him not to cry. His parents had left him, even little Al knew that, and he w
      Untitled_GerItaWarning: Don't know if this needs one, but consensual d/s.
Ludwig had been having a rough week. Of course the economy was tough for everyone right now but with the constant meetings, paperwork, consultants, inspections, and worst of all foreign relations to take care of, he was about ready to cave in. The German was a workaholic as it was already, but this was really pushing it. Even Gilbert had kept his distance. Ludwig's older brother could only do so much to actually help, as he had been out of politics and the like for quite some time. Regarded as somewhat of an extra now a days, the Prussian usually left everything up to Ludwig. The best thing that he could do was to give Ludwig his space, and so lately Gilbert had been staying elsewhere. This left the house a kind of quiet sanctuary, where even if Ludwig worked he could at least find peace and quiet.
That's what he was looking forward to today. Stepping into the house, Ludwig set his briefcase beside the door and dropped his keys

Pricelist:      Commission Info (Paypal + Points) RULES:
No one likes them, but we all need them.
:bulletred: I will only open 3 slots at a time and I will keep you all updated on the slots.
:star: Slot 1: (OPEN)
:star: Slot 2: (OPEN)
:star: Slot 3: (OPEN)
:bulletblue: My prices are honestly, very fair. 80 :points: = $1 in US Currency. These take time and I cannot sell myself short. ^^;
:bulletgreen: When you would like a commission, send me a note on the information specified below. DO NOT DONATE UNTIL I REPLY. I will send you a confirmation note if I can do it and then once I receive your donation, I'll start working.
:bulletpurple: Please be patient. I'll work as fast as I can and you can rest assured, I WILL do it. But don't send me a note every week asking me if it's done, please.
:bulletwhite: Don't touch my signature. I will report the deviation as stolen if I find you reposting the picture claiming it as your own and/or removing my signature. At least credit me and leave the picture as it was if you have to re

Samples:     Nyan Corner by MuffinNinjahh     Demmy's Dance by MuffinNinjahh

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